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Rebalance Osteopathy is closed

Rebalance Osteopath​y Clinic is closed …

The Osteopathy clinic provided at the Bagnall Centre is currently closed.

Michael is currently working elsewhere on a full-time basis, so cannot provide appointments for either new or existing clients for the immediate future.

If you are seeking Osteopathic treatment in the Chesham or Amersham areas, we highly recommend you search the main General Osteopathic Council website to find registered practitioners.

Thank you.

Chesham Osteopathy – Special New Year 2018 Offer

Up to 50% off consultation fees – download your voucher today! (pdf).

-> New patient consultation: usually £60, NOW only £40!

-> Follow up consultation: usually £48, NOW only £38!

-> TPI golf movement screen: usually £50, NOW only £25!

These special fees only apply to appointment bookings for Tuesdays or Fridays in our Chesham clinic throughout January and February 2018. Bookings for other days are charged at normal rate.

Make an appointment to see us if you suffer from:

  • Muscle/tendon strains, ligament sprains
  • Acute or chronic long-standing problems
  • Joint pain or stiffness (including osteo-arthritic or rheumatic)
  • Muscle spasms, tightness or cramping
  • Experienced attacks of sciatica or trapped nerves
  • Postural problems caused by driving or workplace strain
  • Repetitive stresses and strains, or headaches that start in your neck, or feel tight and tense
  • Or require some additional post-operative rehabilitation after fractures, muscle or joint surgery

We specialise in treating sports injuries, muscle strains and ligament sprains.

Osteopathy for Low Back Pain

Low back pain and sciatica – new NICE guidelines

In November 2016 the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) released updated guidelines for the assessment and treatment of low back pain in adults.

What do the guidelines say?

In reviewing evidence the guidance outlines that a multi-modal approach to the care of patients proves most effective.

In addition to manual therapy and patient exercise/activity, such as through Osteopathy; there is also recognition of the importance of helping patients to regain control through self-management approaches and the role of psychological care.

Where to find the new guidance

The full guidelines are available on the NICE UK website

The Low Back Pain and Sciatica guidelines – in summary

  • Manual therapy* is recommended as part of a multi-modal package that should include exercise
  • Exercise is recommended alongside at least one from; manual therapy, self-management or psychological therapy (e.g. cognitive behavioural therapy)
  • NSAIDS are to be offered for non-specific low back pain at the lowest dose for the shortest time possible (taking into account risk factors, including age)

*Described as manipulation, mobilisation or soft tissue techniques

If you suffer from low back pain – book an appointment with our Osteopath today.

About low back pain and sciatica

  • Low back pain is common in working-age adults (particularly 40-60 years old). A UK survey reported that in 1998, 40% of adults had low back pain lasting longer than 1 day in the previous 12 months.
  • Treating all types of back pain costs the NHS more than £1000 million per year. In 1998 the direct healthcare costs of all back pain in the UK were estimated at £1623 million.
  • Sciatica is a relatively common condition with a lifetime incidence ranging from 13 to 40%. The corresponding annual incidence of an episode of sciatica ranges from 1 to 5%.
  • The incidence of sciatica is related to age. Rarely seen before 20, incidence peaks in our 40’s and then declines.
  • People who have sciatica usually have pain in the leg, and may also have low back pain. It is most commonly caused by a herniated intervertebral disc, but there are other causes of nerve root impingement in the lower back.
  • Treatment of sciatica depends on the cause of the nerve impingement as well as the severity of symptoms. In the majority of cases, symptoms caused by a herniated disc resolve with conventional management.


Osteopathy for Neck Pain

Welcome to the Launch of Rebalance Osteopathy

​Rebalance Osteopathy launches new clinic in Chesham.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Osteopathy clinical practice at The Bagnall Centre for Integrated Healthcare in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.

We can offer appointments for both adults and children (over the age of 10 years).
See our main web page for updated details of clinic opening times, consultation fee’s etc..

Please contact us by phone (07746 811388) or email (michael@rebalanceosteopathy.com) to see how we can help.