First Appointment with an Osteopath? What to expect …

First appointment with an Osteopath? Let’s answer your questions

Many visitors to our clinic have never been to a therapist before, let alone an Osteopath – so there can be some trepidation at what to expect at a first appointment.

  • Is it all just about ‘clicking’ bones?
  • Will it hurt?
  • Do I need to undress?

Our main aim at Rebalance Osteopathy is to address the painful physical issues you came to see us about and formulate a management plan to do that, with your consent. But just as important is to make you feel completely at ease during your visit, so that you feel part of the treatment process – keeping you fully informed throughout the entire appointment.

We have an Appointment page on our site which details how our first appointments work – and the Frequently Asked Questions that all Osteopaths get asked.

To further help our patients here is an excellent YouTube video all about Osteopathy and what will happen during your first appointment …

Institute of Osteopathy member Rebecca Wedlake, appeared on Swansea’s Bay TV
to explain Osteopathy, and what to expect at your first appointment.




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